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Kickworldwide mascot is a huge hit in Oman

He steals the show at every presentation!

Kickworldwide’s cuddly but cool mascot KW is proving to be extremely popular as he plays his role in the Outreach Programme in Oman. The friendly bear has his own cartoon in the magazine that is given to each child that participates in the programme. It tells the tale of KW’s struggle with obesity and diabetes during his childhood due to his unhealthy lifestyle. It also shows how he recovered due to a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. KW arrives at the end of each presentation to hand out the magazines to the children and of course pose for pictures with children and teachers alike. KW then returns to the schools to collect the pictures drawn by the children, many of which feature him. He then distributes the tee shirts to his adoring new fans. KW is also set to travel to India and other parts of the Middle East as the Outreach Programmes are rolled out around the globe.


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