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The Outreach Programme in Oman received another major boost last week when English Premier League Club, Reading FC, signed up to become our official football partners.

As a club already well known for their excellent work in the community here in the UK, the Royals are now keen to take the club brand into the emerging international markets. The new owners have made no secret of their intention to grow the club both on and off the field and see a real opportunity in building the club brand through international grass root projects.

The Oman Football Association/Kickworldwide Outreach Programme fits that bill perfectly and the clubs’s CEO, Nigel Howe and fellow director, Chris Samuelson were in Oman last week to see the programme in operation. They witnessed one of the first stage presentations to around 180 primary school children which, using Reading and ex players as role models informed the children about the importance of teamwork, being friendly and caring in the community, eating healthily and getting regular exercise. The programme went on to warn about the importance of crossing the road safely and wearing seat belts in cars and then warned of the dangers presented by alcohol, smoking and drugs.

These presentations are being delivered on a daily basis, with around 1000 six to twelve year olds per week participating. The second phase leadership courses are due to commence before the end of the year, creating 250 young leaders each week. Reading CEO, who was on hand to present the children with some club gifts at the presentation in Sohar in Northern Oman commented “The messages KWW are giving to the young people of Oman , are also the cornerstone of Reading Football Clubs long term development philosophy and we look forward to continuing to support these initiatives”

Sheikh Hazzaa Al Saadi, the General Secretary of the Oman Football Association is delighted by the decision by Reading to support the Outreach Programme, he said “Everyone in Middle East knows the English Premier League and here in Oman we have thousands of young football supporters following the games on television. To be given the opportunity to meet people from a Premier League club and have daily interaction with the Royals brands is great for our young people. We hope that this is just the start of a long term relationship with Reading FC and we are deeply grateful for their support of this extremely important initiative”

Kickworldwide Director Steve Bells, speaking about the partnership with Reading, commented “Having an English Premier League club like Reading on board makes a huge difference to this programme. It is refreshing to work with a club that, despite its recent on field success, is still dedicated to playing an important and genuine role in the community, both in the UK and in overseas markets like the Middle East. This long term approach to international markets will undoubtedly serve the club well and, as well as making many friends, the club will also significantly enhance its supporter base in one of the world’s biggest football markets. It is an honour to work with a club of such integrity and the thousands of children that benefit from this programme will never forget the Royals”

The Reading brand will feature on the double-decker bus that is being used for the leadership course delivery in Oman and in the booklets and tee shirts that are presented to each child that participates. The club will also support the project with souvenirs for the children and visits by club coaches.


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