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Soccer Prince – a royal success on Rotana

Soccer Prince continues to hit the heights in terms of ratings in Saudi Arabia.

The football reality show, which is approaching its climax is attracting more than a million viewers per episode on the Rotana Khalijiah channel.
The show, which is being produced by AA Productions, has consistently outperformed the slot average on the channel by a minimum of 60% and the latest episode (number 8) performed a massive 184% above the Rotana Khalijiah average ratings.
The success of the show is already attracting interest from broadcasters in the MENA region including Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.
Kickworldwide Director Steve Cartwright, who has been on the set in Riyadh overseeing some of the production is delighted by the success of the show, he commented “Production in new territories has its challenges but the end product has been extremely successful and this is highlighted by the ratings which continue to climb”.
Liverpool Legend Steve Staunton, who is the anchor coach for the show was quick to highlight the standard of the talent “There are boys here that would not look out of place at most premiership Academies”.
The show reaches its climax just before the start of the world cup with the winner flying to the UK in the summer to commence a one year development programme under the guidance of Liverpool Football Club.

It has consistently outperformed the slot average by at least 60% with the last episode performing 184% above Rotana Khalijiah average ratings.